Krampus Hates Christmas

Lewis’ family has made Christmas their business. Karl…is Krampus.

Starting With The Unexpected

Zach got dumped by a complete stranger. Marcus can’t seem to shake his cheating ex and psycho sister. When the two meet, the unexpected is bound to happen.

The Mages’ Guild Trilogy

Magic Fell

With magic punishable by death, Tasis is in danger simply for being himself. A thousand years after magic fell to a mad king, will he find the sanctuary he seeks?

Magic Wept

What was once lost has been reborn, and war in inevitable. With the help of a priest’s apprentice, a very short giantess, and an old friend, Kelwin is determined to protect his new-found family no matter the cost.

Magic Triumphed

Tasis is under the enemy’s spell, leaving his sister Zaree to fight without him. But with the final battle, the Maker casts her lot, and Zaree will accept nothing less than triumph.